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Green Power Supply Ltd. is registered in UK,Website:, Beijing Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. as its subsidiarity company located in Beijing China, is diversified technology company and global manufacturer of DC & AC power supplies and power quality products more than 20 years. The high efficiency power saving IGBT switch mode power supply with compact module design, are widely used for electroplating, aluminum anodizing, electrolytic process, water treatment, plasma torch etc. industries, thyristor based rectifier are used for metal electrowinning, electrolysis, DC furnace heating etc. fields. We also provide power quality improvement solution for various occasions, including Active Harmonic Filter(APF), STATCOM(SVG), solve the problems of harmonics, reactive power, 3 phase imbalance, voltage drop to improve harmonic content, power factor. For the purpose of cost reduce, the APF and SVG can combine your traditional capacitor and passive filter facility to achieve excellent power quality improvement.
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IGBT rectifier, rectifier, dc power supply, active harmonic filter, statcom